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The DM Shop Marketing Solutions



marketing that works

We're The DM Shop, A Marketing Company

If you’ve ever wondered – with all of the marketing options out there – what’s the best marketing for your business, then we’re here to help sort that out beginning with one-on-one conversation. Your success is our success.


We Believe In Basics

Right market. Right offer. Right package. Right time.

We understand small business, and we know you can’t afford to waste money on folks who aren’t, and never will be, your customer. We’ll help identify your customer and match your product or service to YOUR audience. Today there are so many marketing choices it can lead to confusion, and we know you can’t afford to be wrong. That’s why, even though we have media option that you never dreamed of, our philosophy is ‘if you can’t measure response, don’t do it!’. 

See our services…

Direct Mail is Making a Comeback.

Why? Spam that’s choking your inbox suddenly makes stuff in your mailbox not so junky anymore! The professionals at the DM Shop know there’s an art to making it work. Direct marketing allows you to test markets, offer and timing. Direct mail is the leading driver to the online experience.

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Media Options That Match Your Audience

Choose the most effective way to reach your target market whether it’s print, targeted mailing lists, lifestyle television or tourists in their hotel rooms.

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Our Experience Runs Deep

Bob Perlstein and Diane Sparks take their big business experience and fundamental marketing principles and apply them to small business marketing in the real world. They meet you where you are to take you to where you want to be.

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Eric, Owner of Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian, Asheville, NC

Vinnie's Neighborhood Italian Restaurant talks about the DM Shop.

Gerry, Mellow Mushroom Restaurant, Asheville, NC

"Bob will try new and different things for the sake of my business."

Our Local Clients

Asheville Businesses that use our services.

Our National Programs

For exposure and results with a national reach, please inquire about our National Programs. Here are some of our past clients.